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The easiest inventory management system ever made

ToolStache helps construction companies manage and track their assets to cut down on theft, repurchasing, and missed bill-out opportunities.

During the winter season you can find me on the slopes every morning.

Working for North American companies from European timezones means I can wake up slowly with time for coffee, food, errands, and sports.

And then I'm focused and ready to settle into work from the early afternoon straight on until the evening.

Holding a snowboard above my head on top of a snowy mountain

VS Code Themes

From Paris with Love

1const btn = document.getElementById('btn')
2let count = 0
3function render() {
4 btn.innerText = `Count: ${count}`
6btn.addEventListener('click', () => {
7 // Count from 1 to 10.
8 if (count < 10) {
9 count += 1
10 render()
11 }

I have published 3 VS Code themes.

If I'm working outdoors at a café, I'll use a light theme, but when I'm working indoors I prefer low-contrast dark themes.

Jacob Paris 🇨🇦

It's called vs code because every day you wake up and have to fight your code

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3Q(three questions)

A dashboard for standup meetings, so you can see your team and everything they're working on in one place, and everyone knows what to discuss and nothing is overlooked.

HTML for Absolute Beginners

An entry level guide to HTML fundamentals

In this 7 part guide you'll learn how HTML works while building a small site with images, links, lists, and tables.

Animate a Stripe Checkout with Framer and React

An animated stripe checkout using XState and React. This uses the Stripe API and the Stripe Elements tools to create an actual payment.

Add footnotes to your content

Use HTML anchor tags to add accessible semantic footnotes to your article or webpage

A tech interview that doesn't suck

No other profession has so many candidates who are good at interviews and bad at the job they are interviewing for

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