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Use createStateContext to share a useState hook

Despite so many folks touting React's useContext as a state management solution, it really doesn't have anything to do with state management at all.

React Context is about dependency injection. You provide a value to a wrapper component, and then any downstream component can use that value via a useContext hook.

Most of the time I use Context I also want to provide a way to update the value from the child components. I like the useState API, but it needs to be shareable

I've built a helper function called createStateContext that takes the same types as useState and returns a tuple of the Context and a hook to use it.

Consider a CheckboxGroup component, which needs to keep track of which checkboxes are checked.

const [CheckboxContext, useCheckboxContext] =
// optional for better error messages
CheckboxContext.displayName = "CheckboxContext"
function CheckboxGroup({ children }) {
const state = useState<string[]>([])
return (
<CheckboxContext.Provider value={state}>

Any child component can use the useCheckboxContext hook to get a state and setState function that is shared with all its siblings.

const [checkboxes, setCheckboxes] = useCheckboxContext()
<Checkbox value="foo" />
<Checkbox value="bar" />
<Checkbox value="baz" />

The hook

import React, { useContext } from "react"
export function createStateContext<T>() {
const StateContext = React.createContext<
| undefined
| Readonly<[T, React.Dispatch<React.SetStateAction<T>>]>
function useStateContext() {
const tuple = useContext(StateContext)
if (tuple === undefined) {
throw new Error(
`use${StateContext.displayName} must be used within a ${StateContext.displayName}Provider`,
return tuple
return [StateContext, useStateContext] as const
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