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Form validation with Conform, Zod, and Remix

Conform is a form validation library that helps you build forms with serverside validation and client-side error handling. It works really well with Remix and Zod.

With Conform, you can represent your form schema with Zod.

import { z } from "zod"
const schema = z.object({
title: z.string(),
description: z.string().optional(),
status: z.enum(["todo", "doing", "done"]),

In your form component, use Conform's useForm hook to get the props you need to make your form work.

  • The onValidate method is where we'll make it use the zod schema.
  • The lastSubmission prop takes the response from the action so it can handle errors for us.
import { conform, useForm } from "@conform-to/react"
import {
} from "@conform-to/zod"
export default function Example() {
const actionData = useActionData<typeof action>()
const [form, fields] = useForm({
id: "example",
onValidate({ formData }) {
return parse(formData, { schema })
lastSubmission: actionData?.submission,
shouldRevalidate: "onBlur",
return ( … )

Next, we'll use the fields object to get the props we need for each field in our form.

  • Pass form.props to the <Form> component.
  • Each input gets an HTML id generated automatically. Pass fields.title.id to the htmlFor prop on the <label> to attach it.
  • Pass conform.input(fields.title) to the <input>

Each input gets its own list of errors in fields.title.errors.

export default function Example() {
const [form, fields] = useForm({ … })
return (
<Form method="POST" {...form.props}>
<label htmlFor={fields.title.id}>
<input {...conform.input(fields.title)} />
<label htmlFor={fields.description.id}>
<input {...conform.input(fields.description)} />
{fields.description.errors ? (
<div role="alert">
) : null}
<label htmlFor={fields.status.id}>
<select {...conform.select(fields.status)}>
<option value="todo">Todo</option>
<option value="doing">Doing</option>
<option value="done">Done</option>
<button type="submit"> Submit </button>

The last step is to create an action that will handle the form submission.

  • Use the parse method from @conform-to/zod with your schema
  • A failed submission will have an empty value property, so you can use that to handle errors. Return the submission object in the response so the form can display the errors.
  • If the submission is valid, you can use the value property to get the data you need to enter into your database.
import { parse } from "@conform-to/zod"
export async function action({ request }: ActionFunctionArgs) {
const formData = await request.formData()
const submission = await parse(formData, { schema })
if (!submission.value) {
return json(
{ status: "error", submission },
{ status: 400 },
const { title, description, status } = submission.value
await db.todos.create({
return redirect("/todos")
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