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#8: Hypnopedia

the act or process of learning during sleep by listening to recordings repeatedly.

I learned Remix by listening to this course in hypnopedia.

Articles, Tutorials, and Videos

**Adding a Laravel backend to a Remix App ** - Dave Calnan details his decision to add a PHP backend to his Remix application along with the benefits and drawbacks of the approach. While Remix can tackle your full stack, some folks might have an existing backend or some backend engineers that prefer a language other than JavaScript.

**5 Big Takeaways from Remix Conf ** - If you missed Remix Conf and would like an overview of what happened, Drew Lytle has you covered. In this article, Drew explains his takeaways from the conference.

How to Integrate Markdown Content with Syntax Highlighting in Remix - Andre Landgraf details several ways of integrating Markdown in a Remix application and shows off his preferred setup.

Progressive Enhancement in Remix - The Remix Austin Meetup created a new YouTube channel and uploaded Brooks Lybrand's presentation from their June meeting. It's great to see meetups uploading their presentations!

Working with Remix: AWS Amplify Authentication Using Authenticator UI and AppSync Integration - And the award for longest video title goes too... Aaron Saunders! But seriously, this is a great walkthrough of integrating AWS Amplify with a Remix Application. It includes complete authentication flows and database queries. If you've been eyeing AWS Amplify, check this out.

Front to Back: Backend for Frontend Devs - Chance Strickland from the Remix team is working on an interactive course designed to help JavaScript developers become proficient with backend development. It's not out yet, but you can checkout the link for more details about the course and sign up for updates.

Featured Projects

remix-ecommerce - Kiliman is at it again! This time, he's created a Remix sample Ecommerce site with a product catalog and shopping cart functionality.

👋 Hey you. Yes, you. I know you're making cool stuff with Remix. Why not send it to me? Reply to this email or message @readmoulton on Twitter with links to your videos, articles, projects, etc. Shameless self-promotion is encouraged!

Upcoming Meetups

(Some of these meetups are also available online, so be sure to check them out even if they aren't in your area.)

Hype & Teasers

Routing in @angular with @remix-run/router? Yes, Please 😄 👀

- Brandon Roberts

Network performance with @remix_run look so bomb, I want them as my home office wallpaper.

- Sarah Dayan

Just published a new release on the deferred tag on NPM. This release unblocks hydration on the client. This means you can have a partially hydrated application before your loaders finish running.

- Jacob Ebey

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