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#5: Huckmuck


The confusion that comes from things not being in their right place, like when you’ve moved everything around while you’re cleaning your house, is called huckmuck.

I came back from vacation and felt in total huckmuck after I left my brother to stay at home for two weeks.



Remix vs Next.js

One of the most expected and teased blog posts of all times finally arrived. Unline Matrix Resurrections, it lived to the hype! It's a profound case study, which could also be used as a thesis for how to write one of those. Great work, Remix team! ‏ ‏


Remixtape: the modern Remix boilerplate

Remixtape by Mokhtar claims to be the modern Remix boilerplate, and it includes things like auth, e2e tests, payments, emails and more. It's probably the first paid product that comes on top of Remix, and looks like it's worth it. ‏


Use Remix with socket.io

Sergio strikes again season 4 episode 11. This time, he shows how to mix Remix with the real-time capabilites that socket.io offers. Stay with whoever treats you like Sergio treats his blog.


How to Debug Remix loaders and actions in VS Code

Michael shows us how to graduate from from the debugging school. It's a 4m video that will allow you to stop going on console.log hunts to your terminal.


Remix Cloudflare Prisma

A very interesting boilerplate from Jacob, which includes Remix, Cloudflare Pages and Prisma. Because walking the bleeding edge is what we all want no matter how much we fight the desire.


Remix Worker Template

Continuing with the glorious entrance of Cloudflare, here's a template that also uses a custom setup. We believe that by 2023 recruiters are going to be asking for 10 years of Cloudflare development, so you better start now!




An HTTP cookie is how a server communicates with a browser. So the HTTP procotol is a bit like Dory, it forgets about everything in between requests. Cookies are one way to remedy this, by offering a stateful mechanism for when browser and server do need to remember.

In Remix, you can use cookies by using createCookie method to create one, and then communiting appropiately via HTTP Headers, by using Set-Cookie to send a cookie from the server to the browser, and Cookie to read cookies in the server sent by the browser.

Here is a very informative article about cookies that includes some web history, and here is a more graphical and example based one to bring some balance to the force. ‏


🐦 ‏ Remix is center stack. It’s an HTTP tunnel between interactivity and business logic. It’s the part of the stack that no tool before it has solved, not completely. – @ryanflorence

Ryan seems to have gone in an existential trip in order to find the purpose of life Remix. We liked this definition quite a lot!


🐦 ‏ I've been in the Remix codebase a lot recently (temp helping out) and I really hope people don't miss how many problems its solving at once. – @buildsghost

The fact that Remix is hiring and Jamie is available has nothing to do with the fact that we decided to hype this tweet.


🐦 ‏ Imo Remix is the framework we wish we had all this time! – @marvinhagemeist

Another high praise coming from Marvin, who has been a profilic Preact core contributor.



You should be dancing by Bee Gees

The fact that John Travolta trained for a year in order to be able to dance this song appropriately speaks for the quality of the song. We should all be dancing!


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