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#3: Sonder

If you ever stopped to realize that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own, in which you might appear only once as an extra in the background, then you have experienced sonder.

While in the market today, I got to experience a deep sonder by looking at the people passing by.


Build a Project Management App with Remix

Here comes Chance, a member of the Remix core team dev, who was invited by Ben for a bit of a Remix’s tour. It’s one full of great tips and some classy nods to the kings of the past.

‏ ‏

There’s never been a better time to build websites

A great article by Simeon, a web developer with 25 years of experience, where he mentions to Remix as “the best of both worlds.” And he’s putting his money where his mouth is by rebuilding his site on Remix!

Quirrel adds support for Remix

Meet Quirrel, a fantastic SaaS that offers seamless background jobs for everyone. Now it’s easier than ever to support them in Remix, thanks to the amazing work of Mokhtar!

Run Next.js and Remix on the same server

But why? Sergio shows how to make Remix work alongside Next.js because who wants a complete migration when you can do it on a per-page basis.


Remix Guide

A beautiful app built entirely on the edge with Cloudflare Workers, which is by itself a fantastic example of what can be done with Remix. Props to Edmund for releasing it as open-source.

Remix Image

This is an intriguing proof of concept by Jacob, who is also a member of the Remix core team. It seems like he’s working on something pretty awesome... 👀



It’s essential to know about this HTTP header because mastering it means you get to be in control of your destiny by ruling over caching in browsers and shared places like CDNs.

In Remix, you’ll get to interact with this in both loaders and the headers route function. Interestingly, the latter can use the former data (via loaderHeaders) to connect both.

Here’s a great article about caching data in the browser, and here’s a video from Ryan where he explains HTTP Caching for the rest of us.


🐦 ‏ We open-sourced Remix on Nov 22, and we’re closing out the year at 10k stars on GitHub! – @mjackson

Congrats to the community for getting to the 10k mark before the end of the year. It does look like 2022 is the year of the Remix!

🐦 ‏ Having a play with Remix and it’s already teaching me the platform. – @markdalgleish

Mark is a legend of the web industry, so it’s nice to know that the Remix effect happens to everyone no matter where you are in your career!

🐦 ‏ Planner app is coming along nicely. It’s going to be a solid example of “web apps” with Remix. – @ryanflorence

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty hyped about these teasers that Ryan has been posting. Remix needs concrete evidence of how much beyond traditional SSR it can go.

🐦 ‏ Remix makes data loading a genuinely fun – @GregBrimble

Greg has owned the Remix + Cloudflare Pages integration, and now he seems to be enjoying the fruits of his effort on his own website!


Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) by B.T. Express

This popular song was released in 1974 by the funk group B.T. Express, and it highlights a powerful combo of hand-clapping, high-pitched voices, instruments, and compulsive rhythm.

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