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#13: Cognoscenti

persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field [source]

Ryan Florence is among the cognoscenti of web development.

A quick note: This newsletter usually goes out on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month; however, Issue #14 has been pushed back one week and is now planned for September 23rd.

Articles and Resources

📝 Build a Remix application and set up Sanity.io to manage its content - Learn how to use Sanity, a modern content platform, to manage the contents of a book cataloging website built with Remix

📝 Validating Remix Form Data Using Zod and TypeScript - Learn how to use Zod to validate form input and create typed TypeScript objects in a Remix action.

📺 Server-side Auth with Remix, Prisma, and the Web Platform - Kent C. Dodds spoke at Node TVL and implemented authentication using the Remix Jokes example.

📺 Remix & High Performance eCommerce - In this talk from the Bay Area Remix Meetup, Sébastien Morel dives deep into the dynamic nature of eCommerce and how to achieve high performance experiences.

📺 Remix Austin Meetup Aug 25th - Paul Bratslavsky presents "Loading Data with loader Functions" and TC Schiller demos "Texting from Remix with Twilio."

🎙 Migration from React/Rails hybrid to Remix - On this episode of the Call Kent Podcast, Kent lists different approaches for migrating from a React/Rails app to Remix.

🎙 Mantine’s callback with Remix’s ActionFunction - Kent explains how to integrate Remix with the callbacks from Mantine's Dropzone.

Featured Projects

📦 remix-docs-gen - Automatically document all of your types for Remix loaders and actions.

📦 conform - A form validation library built on top of the Constraint Validation API.

🏭 dnb-stack - The Remix Stack for deploying to Vercel with testing, linting, formatting, structure and mock for 3rd party API integration.

RemixFast Codebase Generator - Jump start your next Remix project with a generated codebase from a visual editor.

remix-vanilla-extract-prototype - An example for how to integrate Remix with vanilla-extract until official support is available.

remix-sprites-example - A script that combines a folder of SVG files into a single sprites file and generates type definitions for safe usage.

👋 Hey there. I know you're making cool stuff with Remix. Why not send it to me? Reply to this email with links to your videos, articles, projects, etc. Shameless self-promotion is encouraged!

Upcoming Events

Hype & Teasers

Clicked a link in an app I left open over night, it went into a loading state indefinitely. Console shows the fetch failed (session expired)

This is why data and error handling are baked into React Router/Remix

Link and Form events are data events


- ** Ryan Florence**

Hey @vuejs folks - you can now play around with the upcoming react-router defer/Await APIs in remix-router-vue@0.5.0! Check out the Deferred Guide for details: https://reactrouter.com/en/dev/guides/deferred

- Matt Brophy

Launched the new React Router docs recently

Docs/versions are fresh within 5 minutes of what's in the GitHub repo. No rebuilds, no redeploys

  • 14M requests/month
  • 94% CDN Cache Hits
  • 280ms Cache Miss Latency
  • 💯 PageSpeed with Slow 4G, Moto G4

Cache-Control, still great 😁

- ** Ryan Florence**

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