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#4: Liberosis

If you have ever desired to care less about things, to reduce your efforts into actively controlling life, then you have felt liberosis.

After that incident, I just started living in a constant state of liberosis, because I realized I couldn't control all the events in my life.


A formal invitation to contribute to Remix

Having a strong /examples folder in the repo seems to be a prolific way to build a healthy open-source project these days. It's an excellent sign that the Remix team officially advocates for this endeavor.

Using Upstash Redis with Remix

Building a feature flag system is always an exciting challenge to tackle. This article does it for a Remix app using Upstash Redis as the database. It's so bleeding edge that it hurts!

Some Thoughts on Server State in Remix

This post reinforces the fact that routes are the bricks from which Remix builds its castle and that you will probably not use React state that much.

A quick field guide to using Remix with Apollo GraphQL

GraphQL is a requirement of many projects these days. This article shows how to integrate Remix with Apollo simply and straightforwardly.


PM Camp

We listed a stream where Chance was invited to showcase Remix in the last issue. Now we have the codebase for that session, and it looks like a great starting point for building dynamic apps with Remix.

Remix + Notion

Since Notion released their public API, many devs seem to be choosing Notion as a backend these days. This code demo shows how we can incorporate that source into a Remix app by submitting a form to Notion.



An object that plays a crucial role on the web platform by being the one that represents the response to a request sent via the Fetch API.

In Remix, you'll gain exposure to them by knowing that you can return a Response object from loaders. There are also shortcuts like json for doing the same thing more conveniently, but it's good to know that Remix will try to convert anything you return from a loader into a Response object.


🐦 ‏ Really enjoyed talking to @biilmann this afternoon about how we can make @Netlify the best-in-class deployment experience for Remix. – @mjackson

Netlify has always provided us with such a good DX, and it gives me a lot of hype to think about what can happen when Netlify and Remix pair together!

🐦 ‏ What would you want to learn in a course about Remix? – @_zachdtaylor

Some structured learning material about our favorite web framework? Heck yeah, show me the Stripe form!

🐦 ‏ Wait, Remix has APIs for handling sessions, cookies and a MultiPartFormHandler implementation too?! – @andrewvijay

This was a surprise for me too while reading the docs. Some less advertised APIs are out there for us to discover!

🐦 ‏ We are hiring, both engineering and design! – @remix_run

This is probably a dream job alert if you are reading this newsletter. You applied already, right?


Around the world / Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk

A tremendous live session by Daft Punk. It probably won't help if you were missing them, but damn, they are good at the Remix game!

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