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#7: Hankering

A strong desire to have or do something.

I have a hankering for Remix's upcoming deferred API.


Remix Conf

I don't know if you noticed, but Remix Conf 2022 happened. You can check out all the amazing talks via the livestream replay on YouTube. While the videos aren't edited yet, you can get the timestamps of each talk from the description. There wasn't an official theme, but it seems almost every presenter talked about improving the user experience with Remix and other nifty technologies.

Meanwhile, on the B-Side Playlist, we saw two new releases. Ian Sutherland shows off Remix's super fast developer experience in Can I Build and Deploy a Remix Site in 5 Minutes? and Noah discusses the tradeoffs of several CSS Approaches in Remix.

If all this conf talk has you hankering for next year's event, you're in luck. Kent didn't even let this year's conference end before announcing Remix Conf 2023. Tickets are on sale already and it looks like there's a 30% discount for the early birds.

Bringing Back Progressive Enhancement

Kent gave a fantastic talk at Render Atlanta yesterday. He overviews how used to think of progressive enhancement and how his understanding changed over time. This talk features a walkthrough of Kent's Todo MVC app demoing how Remix accomplishes the true meaning of progressive enhancement.

Articles, Tutorials, and Videos

Three Key Steps to Fast Loader Functions - Scott discusses a few quick tweaks that should help speed up your Remix loaders. These are especially handy if Remix tricked you into becoming a backend developer.

Working with Refresh Tokens in Remix - In this quick article, Sergio explains how to yeet crusty auth tokens, refresh them, and share the tasty tokens across all your Remix loaders.

Edit list items in place with nested routing and progressive enhancement - This video shows how you can edit list items from an index route without creating a dedicated edit form for each separate item.


Hyperpop Stack - The EdgeDB team released their Remix stack. It features all the goodies from the Blues stack but replaces the database with EdgeDB.

Remix Scope Params - Kiliman created a package to help you manage your search params on complicated pages. It's easier to understand once you've played with the demo, but it helps you develop pages that have a bunch of variations based on search params.

Air Metal Stack - If Plain-Ol' JavaScript isn't enough for you, this stack shows how to add Rust to the mix. Some functions are compiled from Rust into WASM and the entire app can be deployed to Deno Deploy. This could be quite handy for performance-sensitive areas of your app.

Total Compensation Calculator - This app by Kaiyu Hsu helps you understand the total compensation of an employment opportunity. If you're comparing a few job offers or just curious to dig around the source code of a small Remix app, this is a neat project to check out.


🐦 ‏So … this works 👀 (On @brophdawg11's machine anyway…) - @ryanflorence

(Spoiler: It's a screenshot of some experimental Vue support for Remix)

🐦 ‏ I think Remix is the first time this sort of layered-on-top framework has ever truly simplified the framework it builds on... - Jamie Kyle

🐦 Working on my first project built with @remix_run and it’s weird how easy it was to get a prototype working. The patterns are so intuitive I feel like I’ve known it forever. - ** @arronhunt**


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