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#9: Engarland

to encircle with a wreath.

#ReactSummit engarlands Remix to celebrate the breakthrough of the year.

Articles and Resources

**Data Flow in Remix ** - Jim Nielson, the Director of Design for Remix, put together an article detailing how Remix takes the one-way data flow from React and helps it cross the network chasm.

A Rite of Passage: Compiling Markdown - Ben documents his journey to compiling markdown with Rust and the benchmarks the performance differences.

Cookie Theft - If you haven't used cookies in a while, it's worth reading up on Cookie theft. This article from CodePath provides a nice overview of techniques to prevent cookie theft and manipulation.

Remix Crash Course - If you need a quick overview of Remix basics, Bitfumes uploaded a 30-minute crash course that should help you get started.

Working With Remix Router In A Vue Application with Ionic Framework UI Components - This video from Aaron Saunders explores using remix-router for a Vue application leveraging Ionic Framework UI.

Featured Projects

remix-deno-example - Jacob put together an example Remix & Deno project that doesn't require a build step.

remix-vitest - A simple example showing how to use Vitest in-source testing with Remix.

remix-image - A react component for responsive images in Remix. This project has recently cut its v1 release with improved transformers and Cloudflare Workers support.

remix-realworld - Ricardo put together an example real-world application with Remix.

rss-reader-remix - An accessible RSS reader, built with Remix. Here's the live site.

remix-esbuild-analysis - A patch for Remix that adds bundle analysis support to the Remix compiler.

remix-error-logging - A patch to add server-side error logging support to Remix.

remix-mdx - Kiliman has ALSO started on a library to improve the built-in MDX support in Remix. I'm considering adding a section to this newsletter titled "Kiliman's World."

👋 Hey you. Yes, you. I know you're making cool stuff with Remix. Why not send it to me? Reply to this email or message @readmoulton on Twitter with links to your videos, articles, projects, etc. Shameless self-promotion is encouraged!

Upcoming Meetups

  • Remix Utah meets on July 7th. Kent is scheduled to present "Bringing Back Progressive Enhancement" and signups are open for other presenters.
  • Remix Brasil meets on July 12th.

Hype & Teasers

React 18 streaming is next level and @remix_run is the best way to take advantage of it as soon as our deferred work is released in the next couple weeks.

It's going to blow your minds 🤯

- Kent C. Dodds

Thank you @ReactSummit and everyone at the #ReactSummit conference for naming Remix the breakthrough of the year! 👍

- Remix

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