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#1: Nikhedonia


You are playing a game when suddenly you realize that you got this one. That's nikhedonia, the feeling of excitement that comes from anticipating success.

I watched the Warriors in the NBA finals in a complete state of nikhedonia.



What is Remix?

A question that has caused sleep deprivation among the Gods of Twitter gets an official answer. You'll be surprised that Remix is not one thing, but 4!


React Server Components and Remix

The team went deep into one of React 18's most promising features and its relationship with Remix. It's an in-depth study released a day before React Conf, proving that devs can also nail the marketing part.


On-Demand Hydration

Sergio singlehandedly showcased one of the most mind-blowing examples of why it's good to have SSR back, along with Remix's convenient helpers. I believe this might be the tipping point for many people sitting on the fence.


First impressions with Remix

Theodor smoothly expresses his emotions while trying out Remix for the first time. Chapeau Theodor, you should try some fiction too!



Remix meets Remotion

Kent shared the seed idea, Lennart picked it up and built this fantastic demo. Sometimes, all you need to do is provide people with a simple yet powerful primitive, and let their creativity fly.


Interactive Remix Routing

Dilum went super meta and created a Remix app to demo how Remix routing works. Impressive!




This week, we learn about the interface that the XMLHttpRequest standard defines to deal conveniently with form fields and their values.

You'll likely use it inside actions while dealing with data sent by a form. It can be used as Request's body object or as URLSearchParams' constructor argument, making it the perfect way to manage form data.

Here's the official spec and an interactive playground for it.



🐦 ‏ Made a tiny movie searching app in 20 minutes. Works with and without javascript. The entire code fits into one screenshot. – @asidorenko_

Nothing beats a short, direct and good-looking demo.


🐦 ‏ Remix is a healthy amount of sugar on top of the web. – @argyleink

Adam has been teaching about the web platform for ages. His vouch means the world for Remix's ethos.


🐦 ‏ I'm planning on developing that level of quality content for free :) (the benefits of working for Remix) – @kentcdodds

Can you imagine an Epic React kind of course... for free? 🀯


🐦 ‏ RemixConf πŸ‘€ – @mjackson

Well, if it isn't nikhedonia at its best! 🀘



Do It Any Way You Wanna by People's Choice

Originally released in 1975, it was a soul hit and then a disco hit. I dare you to code with this song looping in the background and not move a single leg muscle!


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