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Use CSS print styles with Tailwind

It's not often that people print out webpages anymore, but it still happens. Corporate software often deals with generating PDF documents, and maybe your personal website needs a printable resume.

CSS provides a media query that allows us to apply certain styles to the screen and certain styles only while printing.

You can use a print media query to make links appear as plain text when printing.

@media print {
a {
color: inherit;
text-decoration: none;

Screen query

Or a screen media query to give the page a colored background in a way that doesn't cost several dollars of ink to print each page.

@media screen {
html {
background-color: #333;

Emulate rendering

In the browser dev tools, go to more options -> more tools -> rendering.

The chrome dev tools dropdown menu, showing More Tools selected (which opens a submenu) and then Rendering highlighted in the submenu

In the panel that opens, you can find an option labeled "Emulate CSS media type". Setting this to print will make it easier to design and debug your print styles.

The Emulate CSS Media Type input set to Print

Alternatively, go to file -> print to open Print Preview and see exactly how it looks.

Utility classes

Many of these tweaks for printing are going to be one-off tweaks, and it can be hard to encode that into maintainable CSS stylesheets. Inline styles aren't effective here, because we can't use media queries in inline styles.

Tailwind is an excellent tool for generating utility classes that overcome these gaps in the functionality provided by inline styles, when general rules in stylesheets aren't appropriate.

In the tailwind.config.js, add these two items to theme.extend.screens.

module.exports = {
theme: {
extend: {
screens: {
print: {raw: 'print'},
screen: {raw: 'screen'},

Tailwind will now generate print: and screen: prefixes for all of its responsive queries (which is most of them).

Here are some new classes you'll be able to use

.print:hidden : Hide an element in print mode

.screen:hidden : Hide an element in screen mode

.screen:bg-gray-50 : Set the background color only on the screen

.screen:text-lg .print:text-sm : Use large text on screen, small text during printing

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