The easiest inventory management system ever made

ToolStache is the latest product from Stache Industries that helps Alberta oilfield companies manage and track their assets to cut down on theft, repurchasing, and missed bill-out opportunities.

Be the best at your job

Detailed task walkthroughs

We've all used programs that are nothing more than glorified spreadsheets and forms. With Assets, we're breaking that mold.

We've built detailed walkthroughs for every task into the core of our product. You won't have mistakes. You'll work faster, and with more confidence than before.

Say no to inefficiency

Bulk processing

Machines were invented to automate tasks. Don't do the computer's job for it. We've streamlined asset management so you can search, select, and edit your items, all at once, instantly.

Spending less time on the grunt work gives you more time for the things that matter.

Catch theft before it happens

Flexible tracking, anywhere

In the complicated construction industry, it can be hard to keep track of everything. We're here to fix that.

Sign out assets to employees, to contractors, onto job numbers, trucks, or clients—and view a detailed history of every asset.

Focus on what matters

Fine grained user control

Giving every employee access to every aspect of the business isn't just inefficient, it's a security risk. We've built a powerful role system that lets you define and assign access on a per-user basis.

Let HR focus on managing users. Let the accounts receivable manager ignore non-billable items. Let supervisors focus only on their own active jobs.

Put the right people on the right jobs, and the burden of micromanagement disappears.

Track your items

Store, tag, and track any item you want to manage from tools and trucks to keys and cards. Add items one at a time or do a batch operation to import from a spreadsheet.

Add items

When you add a new item, the system will automatically suggest the next ID for that product code

Check item in

Log who returned an item and when

Edit items

Select multiple items and edit them at once

Check item out

Log every item that goes out under any job, truck, supervisor, or client you wish

Advanced inventory management

Let's face it – some items are not worth the burden of tracking electronically. Low-value consumable items will still show up on reports but can be exempted from inventory counts to reduce overhead.

Other items need to be tracked discretely so that the exact same item is returned. These items can be given distinct identification numbers and their history can be tracked individually.

Get notified immediately

Exceptionally high-value items can be set to notify their owner every time they're checked out or in. If the checkout is suspicious the owner can follow up immediately.

Notifications can be instant emails or text messages, or just included on the daily or weekly reports.

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